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The Liberty PlugIns Access-Only Keypad provides a way for you to limit access to your chargers by certain individuals, and for limited durations of time (minutes, hours, or days) that you specify.

  • No networking
  • No memberships
  • No fobs
  • Lower cost

It doesn’t measure energy use (kWh); it doesn’t need batteries; it doesn’t need proprietary access cards, and; it doesn’t need a network. And the best part: this setup costs less than half what you’ll pay for a “fully networked” EV charger with a color screen and bunch of other features you’ll never use.

The Access-Only Keypad works like an electronic padlock that “opens” a specific charger for a specific period of time.

With the Access-Only Keypad attached to one or two EV chargers, the accompanying Liberty PlugIns service allows you sell or give away one-time use numeric codes that you generate via a simple Web site or, you can have EV drivers to generate their own access codes via a simple smartphone application. Either way, each code is used only once, only with a specific charger, and only for a specific period of time. And, for a low, fixed monthly fee, the LibertyPlugIns code-generation service lets you generate as many free or one-time-use Access codes as you need.

Liberty PlugIns provides kits and factory installation for for 240-Volt ClipperCreek and AeroVironment EV chargers — others are coming soon. If you need to measure or bill for kilowatt-hour (kWh) dispensed, check out the Liberty PlugIns HYDRA-R.

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