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Maryland EVSE Rebates & Incentives

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Program Overview

Maryland has implemented the EV Charger Rebate 2.0 Program to offset the costs of installing charging stations for electric vehicles. Entities seeking to install Level 2 and/or Direct Current (DC) Fast Chargers can claim rebates within six months of installation. These rebates are available to all qualified applicants in the state of Maryland. 

In addition to the EV Charger Rebate 2.0 Program, utility companies in Maryland may offer additional incentives for the installation of Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers. Liberty Access Technologies is currently working with Potomac Edison, Pepco, BG&E, Delmarva, and SMECO to ensure that customers may qualify for additional incentives. 

MD EV Charger Rebate 2.0 Program

Project TypeRebates AvailableCriteria
Commercial-40% up to $4,000 charger-Installation in 2023
Commercial-50% up to $5,000 per charger-Installation in 2024

MD EV Charger Rebate 2.0 Program Links and Applications

MD EVSE Rebate Webpage

MD EVSE Funding Opportunity Announcement 

Commercial Application

MD EV Charging Grant

Project TypeRebates AvailableCriteria
Business-$4,500 per Level 2 Charger-Max. $600,000 per applicant

Maryland EV Charging Grant Links and Applications

MD EV Charging Grant

Federal Tax Credits Extended for EV in Maryland

State EV Charging Incentive

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is collaborating with Marylanders to expand the State’s growing electric vehicle recharging infrastructure through the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program. Residents, governments, and businesses can acquire a state rebate for purchasing or installing an EVSE. To receive these rebates, eligible participants must apply with MEA, which will issue rebates on a first-come, first-served basis. The rebate is limited to one EVSE per individual. Applicants must demonstrate compliance with state, local, and/or federal law that applies to the installation or operation of qualified EVSE. Other requirements may apply. For more information, visit the Maryland Energy Administration EVSE Rebate Program page.

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