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North Carolina EVSE Rebates & Incentives

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Program Overview 

North Carolina has implemented a grant program for Level 2 and DCFC charging infrastructure.  Under the North Carolina Phase 2 Mitigation Plan, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality will distribute grants for the installation of these qualified chargers under certain criteria (listed below). 

In addition to North Carolina’s statewide program, utility companies may also offer additional incentives for the installation of Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers. For more information, please visit your utility company’s program guide below under “Electric Utility Company Incentives”.

NC Statewide Incentives

Project TypeTotal Program Finding
DC Fast Charging Infrastructure Program (Priority Corridors)$4.9 million
DC Fast Charging Infrastructure Program (Existing Sites)$1.6 million
Level 2 State Agency Program$1 million
Level 2 Public Access Program$1.1 million
Level 2 Workplace Program$489,544
Level 2 Multi-Dwelling Unit Program$489,544

NC Statewide Program Links and Applications

Level 2 Infrastructure Program

DCFC Infrastructure Program

“Phase Two” Webpage

Electric Highway Coalition Webpage

Additional Resources

NC Utility Company Incentive Programs

Duke Energy

SegmentCharger TypekW RangeCredit Amount
Public L2 ChargerL2See note belowUp to $963
Workplace L2 ChargerL2See note belowUp to $725
Fleet Level L2 ChargerL2See note belowUp to $886
Multifamily L2 ChargerL2See note belowUp to $1,605
Multifamily DCFC ChargerDCFCSee note belowUp to $4,634
Public DCFCDCFC50 kWUp to $2,781
School Bus — DCFCDCFC50 kWUp to $13,630
Transit Bus — DCFCDCFC50 kWUp to $30,347

**If you are planning to install chargers totaling more than 50kW or a DCFC greater than 50kW, please visit the links below for an estimate. Typical nameplate kW range from a public/workplace L2 charger is 6.0 to 9.6; while typical kW range for fleet L2 charger is 6.0 to 19.

Duke Energy Multi-Family Home Webpage 

Duke Energy EV Charger Prep Credit Webpage

Duke Energy Commercial Charger Credit Webpage

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Rebate – Cape Hatteras Electric Co-Op

Utility/Private EV Charging Incentive

Cape Hatteras Electric Co-Op (CHEC) offers a rebate of $100 to residential customers who install a Level 2 EVSE. For details please visit the CHEC Electric Vehicles website.

Residential EV Charging Station Rebate – Duke Energy

Utility/Private EV Charging Incentive

Duke Energy offers a $1,133 rebate to eligible residential customers for the electrical upgrades to support a Level 2 or direct current fast charging (DCFC) station. For all the details, including eligibility, visit the Duke Energy EV Charger Prep Credit website.

Commercial EV Charging Station Rebate – Duke Energy

Utility/Private EV Charging Incentive

Duke Energy offers business and commercial home building customers a rebate for electrical upgrades to support EV charging stations. Eligible project locations include workplaces, businesses, transit agencies, schools, multifamily dwellings, fleets, new construction homes, and publicly available EV charging stations. For details, including eligibility, and varying rebate amounts depending on charger type, please visit the Duke Energy Commercial Charger Prep Credit and Homebuilder Charger Prep Credit websites.

EVSE Rebate and Charging Rate Reduction – Randolph Electric Membership Corporation (EMC)

Utility/Private EV Charging Incentive

Randolph EMC’s Electric Vehicle Utility Program (REVUP) offers rebates for residential customers of $500 towards the purchase of residential Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). To qualify, residents must be registered owner(s) of an electric vehicle (EV), purchase and install a WiFi connected Level 2 EVSE, and agree to share the data collected by the EVSE. Rebates are available to the first 25 applicants. REVUP also offers residents an EV Time of Use (TOU) rate. For more information, see the REVUP website.

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