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Ohio EVSE Rebates

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Federal Tax Credits Extended for EV in Ohio

Commercial Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Incentive Program – AEP Ohio
Utility/Private EV Charging Incentive

American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio offers financial incentives for the hardware, network services, and installation of EVSE for up to 300 Level 2 and 75 DC fast charging stations. Incentives in varying amounts are available to all non-residential customers that have a valid AEP Ohio account. EVSE must be installed at a workplace, government facility, multi-family complex, or other publicly available charging location served by AEO Ohio. Projects must involve a new installation from the approved EVSE list. Customers in income eligible census tracts may qualify for greater incentives. For more information, including the incentive amounts and application terms and conditions, see the AEP Equipment Charging Incentives website.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Grants – Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
State EV Charging Incentive

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides grants for the purchase and installation of Level 2 EVSE in 26 priority counties. Project funding is available in the following amounts:

Project TypeGrant Amount
Single port EVSE on government property$7,500; up to 100% of project costs
Dual port EVSE on government property$15,500; up to 100% of project costs
Single port EVSE on non-government property$7,500; up to 80% of project costs
Dual port EVSE on non-government property$15,500; up to 80% of project costs

Additional terms and conditions apply. For details, including application periods, please visit the Ohio EPA website.

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